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Step 1: Introduction to the BackOffice

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2014 12:23PM EDT
The BackOffice is a website where you manage your store. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any web browser. Log in with your signup email address or ask our team for assistance.
     » Log In to your BackOffice   Sign in from the main page to manage your store.
     » BackOffice Dashboard   Quick information and action items for store setup.
     » Navigation Bar   How to get around in your BackOffice.

Log In

Your BackOffice website will always be: http://[YOUR_ACCOUNT]
You can also access your BackOffice from the main page of
1. Click Login along the top navigation bar.
2. Enter your account in the Storename box; alphanumeric with no spaces.

3. Click Go to Login Page.

4. Enter your signup email address and the password you created.
5. If you forget your Password, reset it with the "Forgot your password?" link.

BackOffice Dashboard

The Dashboard is the home screen of your BackOffice. It offers a lot of information and acts as a launching point for other BackOffice functions. Below is an overview of what you can find.

Today's Sales is an at-a-glance running tally of your transactions and sum total.

​During your 30 day free trial, your POS Specialist will be available to answer questions and help you with any hardware purchases.

These blocks are your action items; steps that need to be taken before your store is ready to run sales.

This is the activation info for linking the iPad register app and your BackOffice account. If you visit this page using your iPad, there will be a 1-click activation button here.


​Navigation Bar

The top of your BackOffice is the navigation bar; quick links to store information and management.

The Home icon takes you back to the Dashboard for quick info and action items for your store.
This tab will take you to your Transactions Table; a powerful tool for finding, filtering, and exporting all aspects of your daily transactions.
Clicking here will take you to your Inventory List, where you can add, view, and edit all your sellable items. The tab expands to offer options on managing existing inventory and further refining your control over what you can sell.
Reports & Exports
All of your reporting information can be found here. Reports are sums and running totals for aspects of your sales, while exports are spreadsheets containing sales, inventory, and reporting info.
Add, edit, and track your customers as well as check their Item Purchase History here.
Time Clock
Monitor your employee's iPad in and out times from this BackOffice tab. You can also manage, edit, and export time sheets from here.
This gear icon is where you manage ShopKeep's technical aspects including register licenses, account billing, and your store's tax rate.
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